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Identify the given image
A)Animal cell
C)Plant cell
D)All of the above

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Hint: In all organisms, the cell is the essential unit of life. Like humans and animals, some cells are also made of plants. A cell wall that is involved in providing form to the plant cell surrounds the plant cell. There are other organelles, apart from the cell wall, that are associated with various cellular activities.

Complete answer:
Plant cells are eukaryotic cells that differ from other eukaryotic species in certain fundamental variables. Along with identical organelles, all plant and animal cells produce nuclei. The presence of a cell wall outside the cell membrane is one of the distinctive features of a plant cell.
At least one eukaryotic cell is produced from animals, fungi, and protists. In addition, a single prokaryotic cell is made up of bacteria and archaea. Plant cells are distinguished by their cell walls, chloroplasts, and central vacuoles from the cells of other species.

Chloroplasts are organelles essential to the work of plant cells. These are the mechanisms that carry out photosynthesis, producing glucose using the energy from the light. The cells use carbon dioxide in doing so, and they release oxygen.

OrganelleStructureFunctionKind of cell
Cell membraneSurrounds the cytoplasm and other organellesHelps to get rid of waste and helps in entry and exit of thingsBoth plant and animal cell
Cell wallRigid Provides protection and supportOnly in plant cell
NucleusHouses chromosomes and DNAControls and informs other organelles what is to be doneBoth plant and animal cell
CytoplasmLiquid Gel that fills the cellIt provides suspension to organelles to move around easilyBoth animal and plant cells
MitochondriaIt is a double membrane organelles with inner foldIt converts glucose into energy that is needed by the bodyBoth plant and animal cells
ChloroplastsIt is filled with chlorophyll and contains discs of sacsSite for photosynthesis by which plants make their own food.Only in plant cell
VacuoleLarger in plant cell than animal cellStores nutrients , water and other mineralsBoth animal and plant cell
LysosomeSmall spherical organelle with enzymeDigest old cell parts and helps in removing wasteSome plant and animal cells

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: The building blocks of plants are plant cells. The main role carried out by plant cells is photosynthesis.
In the chloroplasts of plant cells, photosynthesis occurs. It is the mechanism by which plants prepare food by the use of sunlight, carbon dioxide and water. In the process, energy is manufactured in the form of ATP.