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Identify the family belonging to the order Sapindales.
A. Solanaceae
B. Convolvulaceae
C. Poaceae
D. Anacardiaceae

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Hint: Try to remember the common name of the order and also the families provided in the options and just relate them to identify the answer. Sapindales are an order of plants producing beautiful flowers so choose the family of flowering plants.

Complete answer:
First, let’s start from the order which is given to us, that is Sapindales. Now if you remember from the chapter of classification of plants, the common name of the order Sapindales is the flowering family which also provides us with fruits like citrus, maple, mahogany, neem and others respectively. Along with fruits the Sapindales order families also provide us with the nuts like cashews, walnuts and chestnuts.
Now if we talk about the options, we clearly know that the Solanaceae family is a potato or tuber family and the plants mostly grow under the soil. The other option which we have is Convolvulaceae which has the common name of morning glories means the flower blooms only in the morning and they bear no fruits.
The family poaceae is the grass family and we know that grasses have no fruits though they have small flowers in some species and the last option we have is of Anacardiaceae which is the cashew family and the cashew family bears both flowers as well as fruits so we can clearly identify that our answer is the last one only.

Hence option (D) is correct.

We just need to identify the common name of whatever taxon is given to us and all we have to do is compare it with the options with the help of their characteristics. We can easily rule out the options of the Solanaceae and the poaceae family as they are common families and one should remember the classifications of the commonly occurring families.