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I. Body is covered by dry and cornified skin, epidermal scales.
II. They have no external ear
III. Crawling habit
IV. 3 chambered heart
The above characters are associated with
A. Reptile
B. Bird
C. Amphibia
D. Mammals

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Hint: There are various kinds of animals on this Earth. They have different features which make them categorize under different markings. They are differentiated based on their respiratory system, reproductive system, habitat, etc. Amphibia form the largest group of them all.

Complete answer: The vertebrates are animals with a backbone. They have major categories like mammals, reptiles, aves, amphibians, and fishes. They all belong to Phylum Chordata.
Option A: Reptile: Reptiles are animals that mostly crawl like snakes. They have a dry scaled body that shreds off their outer cells with time. They usually lay eggs. They lack external ears and have 3 chambered heart. It has 2 atria and one ventricle.
Option B: Bird: Birds have external ears and have the characteristic of flight. They have 4 chambered heart.
Option C: Amphibia: They have 3 chambered heart. But they do not have dry scaly skin which could shred off. They can live both in water and land. But they usually are aquatic.
Option D: Mammals: They have 4 chambered heart. They cannot regulate their body temperature according to their environment. They do not crawl but can walk. They have external ears which help them to hear.
So, the answer is option A: Reptile

Note: Reptiles are cold-blooded animals that can regulate their body temperature with regard to the outer temperature. They breathe through the lungs. But the cloaca in their respiratory system is modified to accommodate more surface area for the exchange of gases. Different reptiles have adapted different measures to protect themselves from predators.