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Hyalonema is
A) Glass Rope Sponge
B) Venus flower Basket
C) Mermaid’s glove
D) Horse sponge

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint:Hyalonema belongs to the class of hexactinellida. It is a marine form that is generally found 10 mt-15mt deep in the sea. It has a round or oval body with a spirally twisted root tuft. Hyalonema is mainly found in the new coast of England.

Complete Answer:
Let us get the answer from the given options
Option A – Glass rope sponge Hyalonema are a type of porifera that have rough threads at the bottom with a long and twisted stem of a bundle of glass fibres. These are used to anchor the sponge to the marshy sea bed . It has a long projection at the top , which gives it a glass rope like appearance.
Option B – Venus flower basket- venus flower basket is a glass sponge in the phylum porifera. It is a marine sponge found in the deep water of the pacific ocean. Like other sponges,they also feed by filtering sea water to capture plankton.
Option C- Mermaid’s glove- Chalina oculata is the scientific name of mermaid’s glove. It is the largest british sponge and is so called ‘ because its branches resemble figures .
Option D- Horse sponge – the common name of hippospongia is ‘horse sponge’. This belongs to the two genera euspongia and hippospongia, which are sub divisions of genus spongia.

Hence the correct answer is option ‘A’.

Note:Hyalonema belongs to – animalia (kingdom), hexactinellida ( class ) , amphi descosida (order), hyalonema ( genus) and hyalonema sie bol dii ( species)