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How to draw the outline and political map of India ?

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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There are many ways of practising the map. 

You can use the following ways:-

• Get started with a good pencil, try to style the lines really light. This should be done on light hands as one will be doing a lot of erasing and redrawing. 

• Then try to start with any one side of direction, say whether north, south, east or west, whatever, one like. For instance, one starts reaching the point where it goes very difficult, stop. Then again mark the beginning and end of each border. 

• This technique can help you get some of the proportions easier to attain. 

• If one is looking to maintain really fine measurements, then one can use two sheets instead of one. The first sheet will have the map on it, which one can either buy or download online. 

• On this map, draw grid lines or measured squares. Then take another sheet and draw a grid on it, just like one did on the map. 

• Try to give the number to the squares, and draw your map square by square. 

• One can easily find a political or physical map of India on the web. Take a print it out and trace it. Then you will get used to drawing it. 

• You can simply write the names of the places at the correct locations on the map. Try to use a better non smudge pen or pencil to write inside the map. It’s good to specify the capital of India, i.e. New Delhi with a special symbol that can be mentioned in the key or index. 

• Also try to make keys, which is very important. This key or index explains the symbols/colours one has used to mark the details like countries, rivers, dams, borders, states, capitals etc. It mostly sits on the lower right of the map.

• One can use a calligraphy pen if more styling is required.  

• One can also use a stencil which can help in drawing a better map of India.