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How far is it to the closest Galaxy?

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: This galaxy was discovered in November 2003, the astronomers claimed to discover a dwarf galaxy. The galaxy is located around 25,000 light years from the solar system and also contains more than one billion stars.

Complete answer:
A gravitationally bound system of stars, interstellar gas, dust, dark matter, stellar remnants is known as a Galaxy. In simple terms, the galaxy refers to a huge system of billions of stars, clouds of dust, and gases. The term galaxy has been derived from the Greek word galaxias, the literal meaning of the word is milky.
In ancient India, it was said that in the sky, a river of light is flowing. Therefore, it was named Akash Ganga. The Hindi, the term Akash Ganga is used to describe the Milky Way. It is the home galaxy of earth. A Universe is made up of millions of galaxies.
The closest galaxy to the Milky Way, at present, is Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy. It is also known as Canis Major Overdensity. The galaxy is located around twenty five thousand light years away from the solar system. It is believed that the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy contains more than one billion stars.
In November 2003, an international team of Italian, British, French, Australian astronomers discovered the existence of a strong elliptical shaped stellar overdensity. This came to be known as the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy.

The most abundant type of galaxy in the universe are the Dwarf galaxies but because of the low luminosity, small size, and low mass the galaxies are difficult to detect.