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Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint Conversion units are mostly applied or used to change the units one type to another and this is done by either multiplying or dividing the given value whose units are to be changed. Recall the conversion unit table and identify the incorrect one.

Complete step by step answer:
First of all, let’s discuss the conversion factor. By the term conversion factor, we mean the formula which is applied to change one set of units to another i.e., it is a formula which is required to convert the given measurement from one unit to another by either multiplying or dividing with the given statement.
Example: suppose in the statement we were given one value of time in mins i.e., 10 mins and other the value of time is in seconds i.e., 5 sec. now we will, either convert mins to seconds or seconds to minutes.
Conversion factor of mins to seconds is as;
\[1\text{ }min=\text{ }60\text{ }seconds\]
So , if we convert have to convert min to second , we will multiply 10 by 60 as;\[1\text{ }min=\text{ 10}\times 60\text{ }seconds\]
\[=600\text{ }seconds\]
Conversion factor of seconds to mins is as;
So , if we convert have to convert second to minutes , we will divide 5 by 60 as;
$\implies 0.083mins$
Similarly, there are different conversion units for converting different units.
Now considering the statement;

The conversion unit for the atm to torr is :
$1atm=760\ \text{torr}$

Note: Conversion factors are required because while doing the numerical we have different values in different units and while doing the calculation all the units should be the same, so we either multiply or divide the given values with the unit conversion values to convert their units from one form to another.