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How can I make a calcium atom model?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: An atomic model is nothing but the representation of an atom in the real world. Atomic models help us to understand the structure and the properties of the atom. Based on atom models we will know about the behavior of an atom.

Complete answer:
- In the question it is asked how we can make an atom model for calcium.
- By using craft cotton balls, compass, glue and marshmallows we can make an atom model of calcium.
- To prepare an atom model of calcium we have to follow a few steps.
- Take 20 medium balls of one color to represent protons and 20 more medium balls of different color to represent neutrons.
- Take 20 small balls to represent electrons.
- Stick all protons and neutrons together with the help of glue in a way of one proton and one neutron into a big ball.
- Take a cardstock and cut small, medium, large and extra-large rings.
- Take a string and tie those rings of different sizes around the nucleus.
- Stick two electrons (medium color balls) to the small ring, eight electrons to the medium ring and eight more electrons to the large ring and two more to the extra-large ring.
- Attach the string to the outer extra-large ring and hang it.
- Now the calcium atom model is ready.

By using the above method we can prepare a model for sodium also. By using the atom models we can learn and teach the things very easily when compared to say to imagine the structure of the atom model.