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Hint: There are a total 118 elements which are discovered till now and are present in the periodic table. The elements are considered as the simplest form of matter which combines to form compounds.

Complete step by step answer:
The elements are the simpler form of matter that possess unique properties. The one element cannot be converted into another element. There are various elements occurring naturally from the earth crust and extracted from there ore.
Examples of elements are oxygen, hydrogen, iron, and other chemical elements.
Two or more than two chemical elements combine to form compounds by chemical reaction. An example of a compound is water which is formed by the reaction of two elements hydrogen and oxygen.
The reaction is shown below.
$2{H_2} + {O_2} \to 2{H_2}O$
When two or more elements combine by chemically reacting with each other and the property of the element remains the same, then mixture is formed. The example of mixture is sand and salt both have different properties and can be easily separated from each other.
As the elements are the simpler particles of the matter, they cannot be broken down further but can undergo reaction with each other to form compounds. The compounds can be broken down and transformed back to the element.

As compounds are formed by reacting two or more elements, they can be broken down by various methods. The compound can be broken by applying heating in high temperature and also by passing electricity. Due to heat the chemical bonds between the two elements break down.
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