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Hot water of Manikaran is used for generating electricity. It is known as:
a) Solar energy
b) Biomass energy
c) Geothermal energy
d) Hydroelectric energy

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Hint: Manikaran is situated in the Parvati Valley. The worldwide network devours an unimaginable measure of energy. The consumption of petroleum derivatives remains the essential method of power age, yet it is likewise one of the main supporters of ozone harming substances. Finding solid and inexhaustible wellsprings of energy is the way into a reasonable future; this is the place utilization of energy becomes possibly the most important factor.

Complete step by step answer:
Warm water releases at Manikaran in Parvati Valley Geothermal Field, Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India. It has been examined, so as to comprehend the geochemistry of the warm just as chilly waters, the developmental history of the warm water releases and to assess the possibilities of warm springs as geothermal energy assets of the territory.
Geothermal energy is the world's common warmth accessible inside the earth. This warm energy contained in the stone and liquid that topped off-breaks and pores in the world's outside can beneficially be utilized for different purposes. The warmth from the Earth or geothermal [Geo (Earth) + warm (heat)] energy can be gotten by boring water or steam wells in a cycle like boring oil. Geothermal energy is colossal, underused warmth and force asset that is spotless (transmits practically zero ozone harming substances), solid (normal framework accessibility of 95%), and local (making us less subject to unfamiliar oil).
So the correct answer is 'Geothermal energy'.

Additional Information: India has a great potential for geothermal; the potential geothermal territories can deliver 10,600 MW of intensity. Be that as it may, yet geothermal force ventures have not been abused by any stretch of the imagination, attributable to an assortment of reasons, the head being the accessibility of copious coal at modest expenses. Nonetheless, with expanding ecological issues with coal-based activities, India should begin, contingent upon clean and eco-accommodating fuel sources in the future; one of which could be geothermal.

Note: Possible Applications:
- Power age
- Cooking Space
- Warming
- Use in nursery development
- Yield drying