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Horn silver is :
(A) $ AgCl $
(B) $ AgBr $
(C) $ AgI $
(D) $ Ag_2O $

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Hint :To solve the given question, we should have information about silver and types of silver. Silver is one of the least reactive metals in the activity series. It exhibits the highest electrical and thermal conducting. It is a soft, white, lustrous transition metal.
There are different types of silver known as fine silver, argentium sterling silver, britannia silver, french 1st standard and many more.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Step-1 :
Silver chloride is also known as Horn silver. It is a gray, very heavy mineral. Cerargyrite is an ore of silver.

Step-2 :
$ AgCl $ is called Horn Silver because the ore containing $ AgCl $ is polished by desert wind to decrease the lustric appearance of a cow horn.

Additional Information:
The extraction of metal from its ore is completed of metal from its ore is completed by a set of products. Pyrometallurgy is one of them which uses high temperatures to extract metal. Electrometallurgy uses electricity for the extraction of metal from its ore.

Note :
Silver is found mostly in its elementary form or as silver glance ( $ Ag_2S $ ) and Horn Silver ( $ AgCl $ ) . There are some sulphate ores too like Zinc blend ( $ ZnS $ ) , Cinnabar ( $ HgS $ ) , Copper pyrites, etc.