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Heart murmur indicates a defective
(a) Sino Atrial node
(b) Atrioventricular node
(c) Heart valve
(d) Pulmonary artery

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Hint: Heart murmur is a defective heart sound that gets produced instead of the normal lub dub sound of the heart. This sound is produced by turbulent blood flow near the heart or inside the heart through the semilunar valve of the heart.

Complete Answer:
A heart murmur is a type of whooshing sound like "lub shh" of the heart which is caused due to a defective heart valve like a semilunar valve. This type of sound is produced when the blood flows turbulently through the valve. A heart murmur is of two types: innocent and abnormal. An innocent heart murmur is harmless which does not cause by a defect in the heart and it also does not have any sign and symptoms whereas an abnormal heart murmur is a sign of heart disease show symptoms like shortness of breath, chronic cough, enlarged liver, sudden weight gain, chest pain etc.
Heart murmur is also caused by a disease like syphilis, rheumatic fever, hyperthyroidism etc. and it also occurs when the valve does not get close properly leads to the leakage of blood, heart hole and cardiac shunt.

Additional Information:
The heart valve regulated the blood flow in the proper direction and it is mainly divided into tricuspid, bicuspid valve and semilunar valves. The closure of the bicuspid and tricuspid valve also known as ventricular systole produce the first sound of heart lub whereas the closure of the semilunar valve which is the ventricular diastole produce the sound of dub.

So, the correct answer is option c) 'Heart Valve'.

Heart murmur generally does not need any type of treatment, it gets cure with time but in case of severe heart murmur surgeries may perform by which the cardiothoracic surgeon first try to repair the valve and if it is not possible then they replace the valve by mechanical valve which is made up of carbon and metal.