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What happens when \[K{O_2}\] reacts with water? Give a complete balanced equation?

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: Potassium superoxide is an inorganic substance, having a molecular formula \[K{O_2}\] . It is a yellow coloured paramagnetic solid substance. It has a property to undergo decomposition on exposure to moist air.

Complete answer:
Now, we know the basic property about the \[K{O_2}\] i.e. Potassium
superoxide, so it will be easy for us to write the chemical reaction when \[K{O_2}\] reacts with water. And also to balance the equation, we have to make proper use of stoichiometry.
 So, our chemical reaction is:
\[K{O_2} + {H_2}O \to KOH + {O_2} + {H_2}{O_2}\]
So, when potassium superoxide reacts with the water the products formed are the potassium hydroxide, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide.
Now, we have an equation, so we need to balance it. For balancing manage all the atoms on both the sides i.e. on the left hand side and right hand side equally.
So, our balanced equation will be:
\[2K{O_2} + 2{H_2}O \to 2KOH + {O_2} + {H_2}{O_2}\]
Hence, all the atoms are equal on both the sides, so our chemical reaction is well balanced.

Potassium superoxide is a rare example of superoxide anion, so it is a special compound. It is used to provide oxygen, as we can see in the equation above that oxygen is liberated as the by-product. Also, Potassium superoxide finds its use in the medical field. It is used in the treatment of lungs as it absorbs carbon – dioxide and water in the self- contained lung - actuated breathing apparatus.