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What happens to the springs of a sofa when we sit on it?

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint:Hooke's Law is a physical concept that specifies that the force used to stretch or compress a spring is equal to the distance travelled. The tendency to revert to its original form after being distorted is known as a "restoring power."

Complete answer:
Pocket spring seating retains its form and support best with time, making it the sofa of preference among all who value durability. The suspension is in effect. If the wood frame is the skeleton of a sofa, the coils that run over it act as the tendons and ligaments of the bench, absorbing elastic tension and stopping the cushions from flattening. While cushions give a sofa its form, it is the springs that define its comfort.

The spring is compressed, storing potential energy in the process. The potential energy is extracted as the individual gets up from the sofa, and the sofa returns to its original form.Compressing a spring, for example, necessitates energy; but, what happens to the energy after the spring has been compressed?

After all, we know that energy can't be produced or destroyed; it can only be transformed from one state to another. The kinetic energy that was used to compact the spring has been transformed to potential energy in our situation. The accumulated potential energy will be transformed back into kinetic energy as we release the spring.

Note:Energy that is contained – or conserved – in an object or material is referred to as potential energy. The accumulated energy is determined by the object's or substance's location, structure, or condition. It can be thought of as capacity with the 'potential' to do work. The accumulated energy is released as the object's location, structure, or state changes.