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What would happen if plasma membrane ruptures or breaks down ?

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Hint:The plasma membrane is also known as the cell membrane that surrounds the cytoplasm of the cell.It is the outermost layer in animal cell and inner layer in plant cells (as plant cells show presence of cell wall also).

Complete answer:
If the plasma membrane ruptures or breaks down then the cell will not be able to exchange material from its surrounding by diffusion or osmosis. Thereafter the protoplasmic material will disappear and the cell will die.

Plasma membrane
>It is selectively permeable membrane
>It is made up of phospholipids, proteins and conjugated molecules
>The main function is to separate and protect cell from external environment
>The structure is explained as Fluid-mosaic model

Function of plasma membrane
>The main function of this membrane is to transport substances which can be through passive transport or active transport.
>Passive is in absence of ATP while active is in presence of ATP.
>Thus if plasma membrane ruptures, the transport of substances will be affected.
>The regulation of substances will not be seen.
>The intercellular substances will eventually leak and thus the cell will die.

Additional information
Fluid mosaic model
>This model is suggested by Singer and Nicolson
>According to this model, the plasma membrane is made up of lipid bilayer
>The lipid layer consists of head and tail
>Head is the polar part which has phosphate group while tail is the nonpolar part which has long chain fatty acids
>Proteins are present in between the lipid layer
>The proteins are of two types : integral and peripheral proteins

Note:The internal homeostasis will not be maintained and thus leakage of substances will be seen as the main function of plasma membrane is affected.