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Handpicking method is effective in:
(A) Solid mixtures
(B) Liquid mixtures
(C) Gaseous mixtures
(D) All of these

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Hint :We all must have seen our mother using their hands to separate substances from mixtures to get suitable substances. Some of these substances are easily taken out with our hands and this is known as Handpicking.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Handpicking is a widely used method in almost every household.
Handpicking is a method by which substances in mixtures can easily be separated from mixtures by just using your hands.
This method is carried out in dry conditions.
Separation is necessary to obtain pure substances for many purposes such as domestic purposes, industrial purposes and research work.
For separating sand and salt, we dissolve the mixture in water and then filter it. By doing this the salt gets dissolved in water while sand we get as residue. Thus, it can be concluded that handpicking is used for separating slightly larger sized impurities such as husk from wheat, rice, pulses, stones, and pieces of dirt.
This method of hand-picking is not sufficient for the separation and we require certain other technologies such as filters. Thus, there are different techniques to separate different mixtures depending upon the constituents of the mixture and the final product required.
From the above concluded points it's clear that Handpicking is used for solid-solid mixtures.

This method doesn't require any special equipment to proceed.
This is a very simple and easy method, without any complications.
Doesn't require any sort of preparation.

Not feasible for large quantity of substance
This is only possible if the substances are visible.

Note :
This is the simplest method to instantly remove moving pests, before they have chances to lay their eggs. There are also various different feasible methods widely used such as winnowing, sieving.