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What is haemocytometry? Mention its uses.

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: The word ‘haem’ refers to the word hemoglobin and cytometry means a
process of counting cells. This process is done with the help of a device called a haemocytometer.

Step by step answer:Haemocytometer is a specialized device that is designed for counting of blood cells. This process which involves the counting of blood cells is called haemocytometry. The device consists of a thick glass called microscopic glass. A rectangular indentation is present in microscopic glass which creates a precision volume chamber. A laser-etched grid of perpendicular lines is engraved on the chamber. The device is crafted in such a way that the area bounded by lines should be known and also the depth of the chamber should be known.
Applications of haemocytometry are as follows:
-It is used for counting blood cells in patients with abnormal blood cells. Low count of erythrocytes (RBC) indicates the person is an anemic and an abnormal decrease in leucocyte count indicates that the person is suffering from leukemia that is a blood cancer.
-Sperm count
-In the preparation of yeast during beer brewing
-For phytoplankton cell counting.
Additional information: One of the applications of haemocytometer is CBC which stands for Complete Blood Count or also called Full Blood Count. It is a medical laboratory test which provides us with information about the count of blood cells. Blood cells consist of erythrocyte (RBC), leucocyte (WBC), and thrombocyte (Platelets).

Note: Louis – Charles Malassez invented the device Haemocytometer. The counting of cells is subjected to source error. They are non-uniform suspension, improper filling of chambers, statistical errors, and sometimes it fails to adopt a convention for counting cells that are in contact with boundary lines. There are other haemocytometers which have different rulings and are used for different applications.