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Growth in plant can be measured by _____
(a) Clinostat
(b) Auxanometer
(c) Manometer
(d) Potometer

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Hint: Growth in plants leads to the lengthening of the stems and roots of plants. Plants like woody plants increase in thickness during growth.

Complete Step by Step Answer:
A clinostat is a device that removes the effects of gravitational forces on the growth of a plant. A clinostat uses rotation to remove gravitational effects. Clinostats are used for the study of the effects of microgravity on the following substances:
1. Cell culture
2. Animal embryos
3. Spider webs
A manometer is a device that measures pressure. A manometer is a U-shaped tubed device that is partially filled with a fluid of any nature.
The manometer is placed against a measuring scale and the columns are allowed to showcase a difference in height. This height difference can be used to analyze the relative pressure between different pressures.
A potometer is a device that can be used to measure the water uptake by a plant. The measured water is almost the same as the amount of water lost through transpiration. A plant uptakes water because of the processes of photosynthesis and transpiration.
An auxanometer is a device used to measure the growth of plants. The rate of growth of a plant is determined by dividing the total growth of a plant with the time taken for the growth of the plant.

Therefore, growth in a plant can be measured by an auxanometer. Hence, the correct answer is (b) Auxanometer.

A clinostat with a single axis is made up of a disc attached to a motor. The motor is an electric motor but the motor was previously a clockwork motor.
A manometer can be used to calculate the pressure accurately when the density of the fluid in the manometer is known.
A potometer is also known as a transpirometer.