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Growing more trees helps to?
A) Reduce \[{O_2}\] in environment
B) Increase \[C{O_2}\] in the environment
C) Reduce only \[C{O_2}\] in the environment
D) Reduce \[C{O_2}\] and increase \[{O_2}\] in the environment

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Hint: We have to know that the inhaling and exhaling are the two processes that take place simultaneously. Humans need oxygen for their living while Trees need carbon dioxide for their living. It is a give and take process. We take oxygen from plants and plants take carbon dioxide from us when we exhale. Pollution is the main cause of global warming nowadays.

Complete answer:
We will look at all the options as it is the easiest way to answer this question and we will move option wise:
Option A) this is an incorrect option as growing trees will help us to increase \[{O_2}\] in the environment. If we grow more trees there will be less chances of pollution and the oxygen level in the environment will increase which helps us to breathe even more.
Option B) This is an incorrect option as growing trees will reduce \[C{O_2}\] in the environment. Carbon dioxide is harmful for us as we inhale it. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide which is taken up by trees to help in photosynthesis which then produces oxygen that is useful for us.
Option C) this option can be correct but we must look at the other options too as many times other options contain the option we are neglecting as a part of some other option. It is right that on growing more trees carbon dioxide level is reduced but with that some other thing also happens.
Option D) this is a correct option as on growing trees we can increase oxygen level and decrease carbon dioxide level in the environment. Both these steps takes place simultaneously as we inhale \[{O_2}\];\[C{O_2}\]is being exhaled by us which is taken up by plants which help them in making their food which then help us taking up \[{O_2}\] which is essential for living.

As we know that Global warming is the cause of increasing pollution in the environment. \[C{O_2}\]must be reduced in the environment so as to stop global warming and reduce pollution. Growing more trees will help us in breathing as the oxygen level increases in the environment.
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