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Green plants do not give out ${CO_2}$​ during day time because they
A. Store the same
B. Respire very slowly
C. Do not respire
D. Consume it in photosynthesis

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Hint:If the photosynthesis takes place during the day the amount of carbon dioxide is fine. The photosynthesis process ceases by night and breathing begins. Photosynthesis is dependent on carbon dioxide and is considered a stable compound that forms in green plants when carbon dioxide is fixed

Complete answer:Plants use photosynthesis to make food. Light, carbon dioxide, and water are required. As a by-product, it contains glucose and oxygen. Photosynthesis is adapted with leaves.
Plants breathe during the day only in the presence of sunlight. photosynthesis occurs. During the day in photosynthesis, the plants use ${CO_2}$ provided during respiration. ${CO_2}$ is also not emitted into the atmosphere. Oxygen is emitted into the air by stomatology during photosynthesis. No oxygen is released at night if there is no photosynthesis. The plants also do not use ${CO_2}$ produced while breathing. It is then released into the air. While plants emit carbon dioxide during the day, they are not yet released. This is because the plants are photosynthesizing with carbon dioxide created in the day. With ${CO_2}$, they produce glucose and oxygen in the presence of sunlight, counterbalancing carbon dioxide emissions.
In reality, plants breathe all day and night; like other living creatures. They thus continually emit carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis occurs in the presence of light only and oxygen only is released during the day by plants.

Then consuming in photosynthesis' is the correct alternative.

Note: Like animal cells, plant cells breathe. Note that breathing is not the same as breathing and be vigilant – plants do not breathe. Photosynthesis normally contributes to glucose gain until breathing is taken into account. Plants that lose their leaves during the winter retail photosynthesis produced during the summer.