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Gravity separation process is used for the concentration of:
1) Haematite
2) Chalcopyrite
3) Bauxite

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Hint: More often than not the substances that we see around us are not in their unadulterated structure. They are essentially a combination of at least two substances. Curiously, blends will in general additionally come in various structures. Consequently, there are a few kinds of detachment procedures that are utilized in isolating a combination of substances. Concerning the requirement for division, it is normally done to eliminate every one of the undesirable materials and acquire helpful segments.

Complete answer:
We have to remember that the gravity partition or separation method is utilized where iron metal (hematite) bearing minerals are liberated from related gangue materials. The particular gravity of iron-bearing minerals is typically higher than the particular gravity of gangue materials. Viability proficiency of the gravity partition relies generally upon legitimate smashing and measuring of the mineral in order to guarantee an appropriate size feed to the gravity division gear and furthermore expulsion of sludge from the hardware.

Hence option 1 is correct.

Additional information:
We must have to remember that the gravity separator isolates results of the same size yet with contrast in explicit weight. It has a vibrating rectangular deck, which makes it simple for the item to travel a more extended distance, guaranteeing improved nature of the finished result. The compressed air in the deck empowers the material to part as indicated by its particular weight. Therefore, the heavier particles travel to the more elevated level while the lighter particles travel to the lower level of the deck. It accompanies effectively customizable air fans to control the volume of air appropriation at various spaces of the vibrating deck to meet the air supply needs of the deck. The table tendency, speed of unpredictable movement and the feed rate can be unequivocally changed in accordance with the smooth activity of the machine.

As we know that the horticulture Gravity detachment tables are utilized for the expulsion of pollutants, admixture, creepy crawly harm and youthful parts from the accompanying models: wheat, grain, oilseed assault, peas, beans, cocoa beans, linseed. They can be utilized to isolate and normalize espresso beans, cocoa beans, peanuts, corn, peas, rice, wheat, sesame and other food grains.
Reusing Gravity separators are utilized to eliminate reasonable or important segments from the reusing combination i.e.: metal from plastic, elastic from plastic, various evaluations of plastic and these significant materials are additionally reused and reutilized.