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How do you graph a line when the slope is a decimal?

Last updated date: 23rd Feb 2024
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Hint:Slope can be expressed as the ratio rises over run. Here we will take one example taking decimal and will find the graph finding the two points “x” and “y”.

Complete step by step solution:
Slope can be defined as the ratio of the change in the values of the “y” with the change in the x- values. It can be expressed as
Slope $ = \dfrac{{rate{\text{ of change in y}}}}{{rate\;{\text{of change in x}}}} =
Slope is denoted by “m” and it is often expressed as the rise over run.
Decimal can be expressed as the fraction whose denominator is the power of ten and whose numerator can be expressed as the figures placed to the right of the decimal point.
Let us take an example that the slope, $m = 4.5$
The slope means that for every $4.5$ units you go up the right $1$ unit.
Slope when converted in the form of the fraction. Fraction is the number expressed in the form of the numerator upon the denominator.
$m = \dfrac{{45}}{{10}}$
Common factors from the numerator and denominator cancel each other.
$ \Rightarrow m = \dfrac{9}{2}$
The above expression means that $9$ units you move forward, you go to the right by $2$ units. This is equivalent to the decimal form as it is the twice of one unit.
When decimal is changed to the fraction form, we can draw graphs more easily.
When decimal is changed to the fraction form, the rise is the numerator and the run is the denominator.

Note: Graph can be drawn with “x” and “y” intercepts and draw the line between those two points and the other way is to plot the random points and the other way is to start at the y-intercept and use the slope to find the next point.