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How many grams are in \[291{\text{ }}moles\] of Arsenic?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Arsenic is a chemical element signified by the symbol \[As\] which have atomic number \[33\] . It follows in several minerals and it is kept under the class of metalloids. It is recycled as a n-type dopant in semiconductor devices.

Complete step by step answer:
Arsenic is a chemical element with sign \[\;As\] and atomic number \[33\] . Categorized as a metalloid, arsenic is a solid at room temperature.The ordinary mass of one atom of arsenic is \[74.92\;amu\] , and the mass of \[1{\text{ }}mol\] of arsenic atoms is \[74.92{\text{ }}grams\] .
The molar mass of Arsenic is \[74.92 \cdot g \cdot mo{l^{ - 1}}\] .
The mass of \[291{\text{ }}moles\] is:
 \[74.92 \cdot g \cdot mo{l^{ - 1}} \times 291 \cdot mol\; = \;22 \times {\text{ }}{10^3} \cdot g\]
The mole is signified by the symbol mol. It is the unit of measurement for quantities in Sl units wherever Si stands for International System units. A mole of substance or particles can be defined as containing accurately \[6.02214076\times 10^{23}\] particles and the particles may be atoms, ions or electrons. In summary \[1{\text{ }}mol\] contains \[6.02214076\times 10^{23}\] of the quantified particles and these \[6.02214076\times10^{23}\] acknowledged as Avogadro's constant.

Additional information:
Arsenic is categorized as a Group-A.
Arsenic has a alike electronegativity and ionization energies to its brighter congener phosphorus and consequently readily forms covalent molecules with utmost of the nonmetals.
 Similar to germanium, selenium, and bromine, which alike arsenic be successful the \[3d\] transition series, arsenic is much less established in the group oxidation state of \[ + 5\] than its upright neighbors Phosphorus and Antimony, and from now arsenic pentoxide and arsenic acid are potent oxidizers.

Note: There are many usages of Arsenic like mostly this is used in car batteries, because of its toxic nature headed for insects, bacteria and fungi it is recycled as Wood preservative and has various submissions in the medicine industry and in alloys.