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Glucose drip is given for instant-
a. Weakness
b. Energy
c. Strength
d. Both B and C

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Providing regular fluid to people who are unable to drink water to restore missing fluid such as bleeding or serious diarrhea in the event of surgery or vomiting.

Complete answer:

Option A is incorrect. When the cells take in the extra glucose, they take potassium as well. This helps minimize the levels of potassium in a person's blood. The dextrose is administered to avoid the individual becoming hypoglycemic. Hence glucose drip is given to very sick and weak patients.

Option B is incorrect. Glucose and many other food molecules are broken down to give chemical energy through controlled gradual oxidation in the form of ATP and NADH. Patients are given glucose by gout instead of food since the gout deposits the glucose directly into the bloodstream and therefore this works by rapidly increasing the amount of glucose in their blood. But if it is provided by food, the energy of glucose will enter the parts of the body only after the digestion process and it will take longer.

Option C is incorrect. When the body holds no food and water in the stomach and the person gets tired. Then the glucose drip provided to quickly provide some intensity, even without eating. In the case of vomiting and loose movements, this occurs frequently.

Option D is correct. Sugar (glucose) which gives the body energy. It is present naturally in body fluids and is essential for normal body function. Intravenous Infusion is administered to patients with low levels. Blood sugar, or are dehydrated. Therefore, it is chosen to give the patient immediate energy drip over food.

So, the correct answer is Option D.

Note: Glucose is also used to offer a person who cannot eat carbohydrate calories due to sickness, trauma, or other medical conditions. Glucose is often prescribed to people who are sick from too much alcohol.