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Give the characteristics of kingdom Animalia.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Plant Kingdom is characterized by the presence of cell walls and their lack of movement whereas the kingdom Animalia has exactly opposite characteristics to the plant kingdom.

Complete answer:
The essential characteristics of kingdom Animalia are as follows:
(1) All species are multicellular, eukaryotic heterotrophic -they have many mitochondria cells and are dependent on other organisms for food.
(2) Adult animals form embryos: tiny unknown cell masses.
(3) Simple animals exhibit the process of regeneration by which they replace their missing portions.
(4) This kingdom includes mobile species that are capable of moving.
(5) All organisms of this kingdom are devoid of cell walls which is characteristic of plant kingdom.

Additional Information:
Many species of kingdom Animalia possess higher complexity and relatively fast movements compared to plants, fungi and other organisms. Those species that live rooted in one position are known as sessile species, and those that are capable of moving are considered motile. Even the most sessile animals will move part of their bodies on a contract. This movement depends on how the animals get food. Most of the animal species reproduce meiotically in order to produce gametes or haploid cells (eggs and sperm). Most animal species are diploid, meaning that adult cells produce two copies of the genetic material.

Note: All animals are included in the kingdom of Animalia or Metazoa. Animals are multicellular, heterotrophic eukaryotic species that produce organic foods. The animal cells have a lack of a rigid, fungal and plant-based cell wall.