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Give one example of the following type of motion: Uniform retardation.

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Hint: In order to answer this question let us first know about retardation.Retardation is the opposite of acceleration. The body's velocity may either increase or decrease. Acceleration is the measurement of a transition in velocity.Acceleration is said to be beneficial as the body's velocity increases. The acceleration is often said to be negative if the velocity decreases.

Complete answer:
If an object decreases its velocity by the same sum in equal intervals of time, it is said to be travelling with uniform deceleration. Uniform retardation is another name for it. As this is also known as deceleration and negative acceleration, it must be negative. Also we can say, uniform retardation refers to a uniform slowing down in which the velocity of a body decreases in an equal period of time.

This also indicates a negative acceleration. \[v = u + \left( a \right)t,\] where an is the acceleration, \[u\] is the initial velocity, and t is the time, since the motion is uniformly retarded. \[{\mathbf{m}}/{\mathbf{se}}{{\mathbf{c}}^2}\] is the SI unit of retardation (meters per second square). Example of uniform retardation: a car travelling at velocity \['v'\] is brought to a stop by applying brakes.

Note:Acceleration is the opposite of retardation, which is a drop in velocity per unit of time. The rate of acceleration can be positive\[\left( + \right)\], zero, or negative\[\left( - \right)\]. Retardation is the opposite of acceleration. Retardation, or Deceleration, is the term for negative acceleration.
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