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Give one example of an exothermic reaction and one of an endothermic reaction.

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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Hint :To solve the given question, we should have information about exothermic reaction and endothermic reaction. Exothermic reaction is the thermodynamic process in which heat is released from the system to the sun. Endothermic reaction is the thermodynamic process in which heat is absorbed from the surrounding system.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Step-1 :
In case of endothermic reactions, energy is absorbed in the form of heat. Endothermic reactions have examples like photosynthesis, where plants absorb heat from the sun to produce glucose and oxygen.
In an endothermic reaction energy is absorbed because the energy of reactant is lesser than the product of the reaction.
Step-2 :
The example of exothermic reaction is combustion where heat is released. The burning of carbon compounds in presence of oxygen releases carbon dioxide, water and heat energy like the combustion of methane.
In an exothermic reaction the energy is released because the energy of the reactant is greater than the energy of the product.

Note :
The other examples of endothermic reactions include evaporation, cooking and melting ice. Some examples of exothermic reactions are explosions as in nuclear fissions. Rusting of iron and many more like acid rain.

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