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Give 10 Points on Argument Against Democracy.

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint: In democratic countries, it is the ordinary person who has the ultimate right to decide on his parliament and his current powers. Likewise, not all people are aware of the political circumstances of their nation. 

Complete answer:

The 10 points on arguments against the democracy are given below:

  1. As democracy is a system where people rule themselves, thus it may be the possibility of lack of knowledge among the people about what is going on in the country and what is good for them. 

  2. Democracy can lead to delays in the decision making process whereas the monarchy system guarantees quick decision making.

  3. Lack of free and fair elections can hamper the beauty of democracy and here the major issue arises is vote bank politics. 

  4. People sometimes don't choose the right representative. It becomes ineffective when people of the country are not educated enough to choose the right candidate for them.

  5. Democracy system is not considered as a cost effective system as a lot of money is required to hold elections and that too is required to be done on a regular basis.

  6. Here, majority party rule can be seen. Thus, the party which gets maximum votes wins the elections. It doesn't matter how many people didn't vote for that party. 

  7. Lack of transparency and accountability are also one of the major issues that can be seen in a democracy. 

  8. Change in the leaders and administrators can lead to instability.

  9. Lack of checks and balances can lead to dominance of one part of the government and can lead to corruption as well.

  10. Where there political conflicts arise, downgrading of moral values can be seen. Poor, bad and negative politics can lead to the effects of the ethics and moral values of the country.

Note: The government is bound to changes and adjustments once they are elected or re-elected, it can work with a short-term goal. Since governments must go through the election process once their term is over and they have to be re-elected, they risk losing focus on effective functioning for the public and paying attention to victory in election.