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Give 10 Point on Argument Against Democracy

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Until recently, conformist beliefs believed that economic progress or development, in a predictable and rapid manner, led to democracy. Even if the reality shows that almost all the developed and rich countries of the world are democratic. But the reality also shows that the relationship between economic development and democracy is rather weak. The growing number of successful non-democratic countries advocates that great wealth does not inadvertently lead to more political liberalization. This is evidenced by the economic success of China and other undemocratic states in Asia.       

A bad choice can be made

In democratic countries, it is the ordinary person who has the ultimate right to decide on his parliament and his current powers. Likewise, not all people are aware of the political circumstances of their nation. People may not be aware of the political problems in their country. This can lead to a bad decision to vote the wrong party by the citizens.     

Hitler was rightly elected by democratic elections; but later he became a fascist. This shows how a political leader can play with people's emotions to make them sing and vote for him, ultimately deceiving them into making a bad choice.   

Government may lose focus

The government is bound to changes and adjustments once they are elected or re-elected, it can work with a short-term goal. Since governments must go through the election process once their term is over and they have to be re-elected, they risk losing focus on effective functioning for the public and paying attention to victory in elections. 

The masses have power

Since the majority has the power, there can be a tyrannical rule of the majority that ultimately goes against the minority. It has been proved by a World Bank study that although the United States is a popular democratic country with a lot of power and is one of the richest and most developed countries, domestic inequalities are largely visible. Citizens could vote in favour of a party under the pressure of the masses, because of the influence of people around them and because of their opinions, and end up making bad judgments.       

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