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What gaseous waste products are excreted by plants?

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: plants excrete their gaseous product through special openings on a leaf called stomata and this process is called as transcription, plants excrete this gaseous product because it’s a waste and toxic for them and This will help to maintain homeostasis of the internal environment.

Complete answer:-
To answer this question you must know the excretory system of plants.
Plants need to excrete excess carbon dioxide and oxygen. Carbon dioxide is the waste product of aerobic respiration in plant cells. Oxygen is a waste product of photosynthesis.
Excretion is the removal of the waste from the body, Plant also produced a waste product but plant do not have a specialized organ for excretion like animals, mostly they excrete waste by leaf, latex, gums, resins etc, in plant there are special opening on leaf called stomata. Plants remove carbon dioxide and oxygen by vapour through the stomata, this process is called transpiration.

Thus waste gaseous products or plants are carbon dioxide and oxygen.

the waste product of the plant can be two types
1. Nitrogenous substances like quinine deposited on the bark of the cinchona tree and used as medicine for malaria. Not only this, morphine of the poppy fruit is used as an anesthetic and caffeine is deposited on the leaves of coffee which is used as a beverage.
2. Non nitrogenous substances excluded by plants include tannins found in the tea leaves, essential oil from lemon leaves, resins and glue on the bark of pine trees. Resins are used as varnishes and for polishing.