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From a cross AABb × aaBb, the genotypes AaBB : AaBb : Aabb : aabb are obtained in ratio
A. 1:1:1:1
B. 1:2:1:0
C. 0:3:1:0
D. 1:1:1:0

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The hereditary cosmetics of a person is the genotype. The abilities participate in determining the characteristics that are detectable in a living being, for example, hair tone, stature, and so forth. It is a creature's preparation of heritable abilities that can be passed down from custodians to posterity.

Complete answer:
The ratio of AaBB, AaBb, and Aabb in the genotype AABb X aaBb is in the proportion of 1:2:1 though genotype aabb is not derived.


There are four potential blends of gametes for the AaBb parent. If the guardians of AaBb had genotypes AABB and aabb individually, at that point the parental gametes that combined to create AaBb would have been genotype AB and genotype stomach muscle.
Alternatively, if the guardians of AaBb had genotypes aaBB and AAbb, at that point the game plan of alleles on the chromosomes of the dihybrid would be aB and Ab. Hence, the genotype of the past age can figure out which of a person's gametes are viewed as recombinant, and which are viewed as parental.

So, the correct answer is “Option b”.

Additional Information:
This 1:1:1:1 phenotypic proportion is the exemplary Mendelian proportion for a test cross in which the alleles of the two qualities arrange freely into gametes (BbEe × bbee).
A 0:3:1:0 ratio is the general part of aggregates among descendants (posterity) results following mating between two heterozygotes, where each parent has one dominant allele.
In the monohybrid cross, a testcross of a heterozygous individual is brought about a 1:1 proportion.

The proportion of genotype AaBB : AaBb: Aabb: aabb is 1:2:1:0 where aabb isn't gotten. A parent with genotype AaBB will create two sorts of gametes, in particular AB and aB. A parent with genotype aaBB will deliver just one kind of gamete, that is aB. At the point when a cross is made between these guardians, the genotype of offspring will be AaBB and aaBB in the proportion of 1:1. A couple of qualities can regularly cooperate to make a particular aggregate.