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Who was the founder of Banswara Praja Mandal?
A.Bhupendranath Trivedi
B.Jamnalal Bajaj
C.Harinarayan Sharma
D.Rameshchandra Ojha

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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Hint: The Praja Mandal development was a piece of the Indian freedom development from the 1920s in which individuals living in the august states, who were dependent upon the standard of neighborhood blue-bloods instead of the British Raj, crusaded against those feudatory rulers, and some of the time additionally the British organization, in endeavors to improve their social equality.

Complete answer:
After a goal of supporting the developments of the august states passed in Haripura highest point of the Congress in 1938 CE, Praja Mandals were efficiently coordinated in different regal states to restrict monstrosities and misuse by the feudals, to accept political mindfulness in the regal states. In this arrangement Banswara Praja Mandal was set up in 1945 by Bhupendranath Trivedi.
The founders of the Jaipur Praja Mandal were Jamnalal Bajaj and Kapurchand Patni. They fought against feudalism and colonialism. They implemented the constructive programmes of Indian National Movement in princely states. They established schools, wore khadi and started agitation against untouchability.Their main demand was for democratic (fundamental) rights.

Alwar Praja Mandal was set up by Harinarayan Sharma with the help of Kunj Bhihari Modi. In January 1940, its first meeting was directed under the chairmanship of Pt Bhawani Shankar Sharma. The fundamental interest of this meeting was to set up a dependable government for Alwar Princely State.
Shahpura Praja Mandal was set up by Rameshchandra Ojha alongside Laduram Vyas and Abhay Singh in 1938. They got motivation from Manikya Lal Verma. In 1945, Gokul Lal Aasawa turned into the leader of Shahpura Praja Mandal. It was set up with a target of setting up a mindful popularity based government in Shahpura.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: The British government anticipated that the States should uphold them in their settler arrangements, along these lines acting against the improvement of patriot feelings. The individuals' association began by the individuals of august states for the public development was called 'Praja Mandals' or 'Praja Parishads'.