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Flight feathers are
A) Contours
B) Quills
C) Coverts
D) Filoplumes

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Hint: There are many types of birds we observe around us and all of them look different from one another due to the shape, size, and the colour of the feathers. The birds are differentiated based on the flight the huge the bird is, the size of the flight is high.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, we have to know about feathers and flight of birds. The body of a bird is formed so that it could fly. They are light weighted; their shape, strength, and precision control make them capable of sustained flight. The feathers of birds are very strong and light, very tough but flexible. They have feather tracts through which the feathers come out. Between the feathers tracts there are down feathers that keep the weight of the body down. The feathers are made of keratin, the same protein that forms our hairs and nails. The shaft found in the middle down of the spine is hollow, the vanes are the two parts of the feather which is made of barbs that is thousands of branches, this barbs have many spaces in between thus, the feathers have much air as matter.

Now, the feathers are divided into; contour feathers, remiges feather, rectrices feather, and covert feathers. The contour feathers are the outside feathers that we can see. They provide shape and colour to the bird. These feathers overlap each other to keep the body warm and dry. The remiges is the wing flight feathers, it is stiff and strong that help the bird during flight it is divided into primary feathers that are the largest feather involve in flight and it propel the bird in air, the secondary feathers are found along the arm, it involve in sustain the bird in air by giving it lift, and the tertiary feathers are found in the upper arm, they are soft, found in the edge of the wings. The rectrices are the tail flight feathers that involve in maintaining control and stability during flight. The coverts are found in the boundary and overlaying of the edge, it helps in streamline the shape of the wings and tail.

Thus, the correct option is ‘B’. Quills.

Note: The filoplumes are the hairlike feathers found near the tip, it is linked with the contour feathers, and is involved as a decorative or sensory function. These vaneless feathers are found around the eyes, nostrils, and mouth of the birds.