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Who was the first siddhar?
D)None of the above

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The Siddhar is a perfect person in the Tamil tradition, who has attained spiritual powers called siddhi. Siddhar also refers historically to the people who were roaming adherents of the early age who dominated ancient Tamil teaching and philosophy.

Complete answer:
The Siddhars acquired tremendous knowledge and expertise in various fields such as alchemy, medicine, astrology, yoga, etc. through their mystical and yogic practises.
According to Tamil culture, there are 18 siddhars that are known as the foundations of siddha medicine. In their exact time era, there is no consensus.

Lets see options to know who was the first siddhar :
Charaka : Charaka is regarded as the compiler or writer of the Charaka Samhita medical treatise and was native of Kashmir thus this option is wrong.
Shushruth : shushruth is known as father of surgery not siddhar thus this option is wrong too.
Agathiyar : Agathiyar is considered as the first siddhar and the Founder of the Literature of Tamil. The first Tamil grammar he compiled was called Agathiyam. He is believed to be Lord Siva's direct disciple. Thus this option is correct.
None of the above : option C is the correct answer thus this option is wrong.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: 1)Including classical works such as Vaidiya Sigamani, Chendooram-300, Mani-400, Sivajalam, Sakthijalam, there are 96 books considered to be written by Agathiyar.
2)The healing spirit of Agathiya is believed to hover around the Courtallam mountains, located in the southern part of Tamil Nadu.