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Find the synonym of the underlined word.
The president was given no hint regarding the new project.
A. Detail
B. Authority
C. Explanation
D. Indication

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: In this question we need to look for the synonym of the given word ‘hint’. Let's understand first whatsynonym means – Two words with a nearly common meaning or same meaning words are called synonyms.

Complete answer:
This word hint means: something that you suggest in an indirect way.
Now let’s analyze and examine the given options above:
> Detail: this word means: one fact or piece of information. This word is not exactly Synonymous to the given word.
Synonyms: feature, characteristic etc.
Example: On the application form you should give details of your education and experience.
> Authority: this word means: the power and right to give orders and make others obey. This is an inappropriate option for a given word.
Synonyms: power, jurisdiction etc.
Example: You must get this signed by a person in authority [who has the position of power].
> Explanation: this word means: a statement, fact or situation that gives a reason for something. Even this word is not appropriate as a synonym of the given word.
Synonyms: clarification, simplification etc.
Example: He could not give an explanation for his behavior.
> Indication: this word is a noun which means: a sign or piece of information that indicates something.
Synonym: sign, indicator, hint etc.
Example: "the visit was an indication of the improvement in relations between the countries".

Option (D) is an absolutely appropriate word as a synonym of the given word hint.

Note: Knowing actual meaning is necessary of the given question for choosing an appropriate answer. Identify the meaning of the word and evaluate whether it has a positive negative or neutral connotation.