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Find the synonym of the underlined word.
Samantha deliberately let Tom know that she was dating someone else.
A. Purposely
B. Hastily
C. Adroitly
D. Tactfully
E. Delicately

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Hint: In this question we need to look for the synonym of the given word ‘deliberately’. Let's understand first whatsynonym means – Two words with a nearly common meaning or same meaning words are called synonyms.

Complete answer:
This word is an adverb which means: consciously and intentionally; on purpose.
Now let’s analyze and examine the given options above:
> Hastily: this word is an adverb which means: with excessive speed or urgency; hurriedly. This word is not relevant to the given word as a synonym.
Synonyms: hurriedly, quickly etc.
Example: "maybe I acted too hastily".
> Adroitly: this word is an adverb which means: in a clever or skillful way. This word is an inappropriate word as a synonym of the given word.
Synonyms: cleverly, stylishly etc.
Example: "he managed the evacuation adroitly".
> Tactfully: this word is an adverb which means: with skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.
Synonyms: thoughtfully, sensitively etc.
Example: he tactfully handled all the problems.
> Delicately: this word is an adverb which means: in a manner displaying fineness of texture or structure and intricate workmanship.
Synonyms: frailly, faintly etc.
Example: "a silk dress delicately embroidered in gold".
> Purposely: this word is an adverb which means: with a particular intention. Synonyms: intentionally, with purpose etc.
Example: I purposely waited till everyone had gone so that I could speak to you in private.

The option (A) is an absolutely appropriate word as a synonym of the given word because it means the same.

Note: Knowing actual meaning is necessary of the given question for choosing an appropriate answer. Identify the meaning of the word and evaluate whether it has a positive negative or neutral connotation.