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Fill in the blanks:
Two angles forming a linear pair are …………………….

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint: We should know that the linear pair are formed when 2 lines intersect and there angles are adjacent angles formed by these 2 intersecting lines.

Complete step by step answer:

When a linear pair forms a straight angle which contains $18{{\text{0}}^ \circ }$ we will have 2 angles which will add up to $18{{\text{0}}^ \circ }$ which forms a supplementary angles.

Therefore two angles forming a linear pair are always supplementary.

Note: We know that a linear pair of angles is formed when two lines intersect each other. The measure of a straight angle is $18{{\text{0}}^ \circ }$, so a linear pair of angles must add up to $18{{\text{0}}^ \circ }$.