Fill in the blanks:
Rearing of birds for egg and meat is called_______

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Hint: The birds like chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese are domesticated to provide meat for food. The place where these animals are kept is called poultry. It is a type of animal husbandry.

Complete answer:
The birds are reared commercially for eggs and meat. The process of the rearing of birds for egg and meat is called poultry farming. The birds reared in poultry provide egg and meat which are a rich source of proteins. The birds are bred by inbreeding and crossbreeding and intensive mass selection leads to faster and cheaper meat and egg production. This helps in achieving rapid weight gain and high quality birds which lay eggs and meat that are rich in nutrients. The different segments of the poultry industry is as follows-
Broiler production- In this segment, the chickens and other animals are raised for their meat. They have bulkier muscle tone than those who are bred for eggs. They are able to lay eggs but the rate of egg lying is slower.

Egg production- In this segment, the birds are reared for eggs. The segment is called a layer. The birds produce more than hundreds of eggs per year.

Hence, the correct answer is (Poultry farming)

Note: The poultry are more susceptible to diseases like fowl typhoid, fowl cholera, chronic respiratory diseases, avian infectious hepatitis etc. Use of antibiotics and vaccines can help in preventing the spread of diseases. Also the cages in the broilers and layers must be widely spread so as to prevent the spread of diseases.