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Fibers are obtained by?

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint: As we know that fibers are thin, thread-like structures that are found in both plants and animal tissues. These thread-like structures are made from minerals or synthetically can also be manufactured. Example of fiber is asparagus. Animals have fibers that are elongated and have very thick lignified cell walls with tapering ends. Cells of fiber are dead when ripening and act in the plant stems and roots as support tissue. Dead fiber cells are very small.

Complete answer:
Fibers can be obtained from both plants and animals. Also, there are fibers which are obtained by man-made calling it as man-made fibers. Natural fibers develop or occur in the fiber shape and can be classified according to their origin.
Vegetable fibers are generally based on arrangements of cellulose, with lignin: examples- cotton, hemp, jute, flax, abaca, pina, ramie, sisal, bagasse and banana. Plant fibers are commercially used in the manufacture of paper and cloth textiles. And the dietary fiber is an important aspect of human nutrition.
Animal fibers consist largely of particular proteins. Instances are silkworm silk, spider silk, sinew, catgut, wool, sea silk and hair of animals like- cashmere wool, mohair and angora fur of animals like- sheepskin, rabbit, mink, fox, beaver etc.
Biological fibers also known as fibrous proteins or protein filaments, consist largely of biologically relevant and biologically very important proteins, in which mutations or other genetic defects can lead to severe diseases. For example- the collagen family of proteins, tendons, muscle proteins like actin, cell proteins like microtubules and many others like spider silk and hair.
Natural fibers can be used as part of composite materials, which affect the properties of fiber-orientation. Natural fibers can also be matted to make felt paper. In animal fibers the silk fiber is secreted by glands which are located near the mouth of insects during the preparation of cocoons.

So, we already discussed where fibers are being formed and obtained from. Plant fibers like seed fiber which are collected from the seeds of various plants are known as seed fibers. Leaf fibers which are collected from cells of leaves like- banana, pineapple. Fruit also provides fibers which are collected from the coconut like its coir. Stalk fiber from the stalks of plants like straws of wheat, rice, barley, bamboo and straw.