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How many faces, edges, and vertices are in an octagonal prism?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Octagon means it is having eight sides, so try to draw an octagonal prism and count the faces, edges and vertices. Face is nothing but a single flat surface and edges are nothing but the line segment between faces and vertices are the point where two or more line segments meet. Having these knowledge we can easily get the required answer.

Complete step by step solution:
In the given question they have asked for the number of faces, edges and the vertices in an octagonal prism. First we need to know what faces, edges and vertices.
An octagonal prism is as shown in the below diagram.
seo images

The above diagram is an octagonal prism with the faces, edges, vertices are as shown in the above diagram.
Now, we need to know what faces, edges and vertices.
A single face in the octagonal prism is nothing but a flat surface as shown in the above diagram.
An edge is the line segment between the faces, which are as shown in the diagram.
The point where two or more lines meet is called the vertex of the octagonal prism, which is shown in figure.
Now, having the knowledge of what are faces, edges and the vertices count the number of faces, number of edges and the number of vertices we have in an octagonal prism by referring to the above diagram.
Referring to the diagram we have:
Number of faces: $10$
Number of edges: $24$ and
Number of vertices: $16$

Whenever we have asked to find the faces, edges and vertices of any geometrical figures, first you need to know the definitions of faces, edges and vertices, and then try to draw the shape for which we need to find faces, edges and vertices. Later you can count for the required one.