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External fertilization takes place in frogs.
B. False

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Hint: Generally the frogs lay eggs which occur through external fertilization. The female releases the eggs in the water and the male releases sperms in water so that egg and sperm can meet in the water.

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 In this question, we have asked about the fertilization in frogs. As we know, frogs lay eggs in water, and the eggs then fertilize and grow into tadpoles which grow into frogs. The female frog releases eggs in the water and at the same time the male frog releases sperms in the water. For releasing eggs and sperm at the same time, they get into a mating posture called amplexus. In this process the male climbs on the female's back and grasps her through his forelegs. Frogs can stay in the amplexus for many days. The female then releases hundreds of eggs and the male releases sperm at the same time in the water. The fertilization takes place in water. The egg hatches and forms a tadpole. This tadpole grows and turns into a mature frog. So, when they are in amplexus, it looks like they are mating, but it's just a posture and is not a way of fertilization. So, external fertilization occurs in them.

External fertilisation takes place in frogs, this statement is true. So, option A. True is correct.

A few species of frog use internal fertilization. In some frogs, the eggs are fertilized inside the female’s body before they are released. All mammals, including humans, use this internal process of fertilization.