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Explain with a diagram of the digestive system of frogs.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The gastrointestinal system or digestive is a group of organs working together to convert food into energy and basic nutrients to feed the whole body. Mainly consist of digestion and absorption of food and nutrients takes place.

Complete answer:
The digestive tract is liable for the breakdown and absorption of the varied foods and liquids needed to sustain life.
Various parts of the digestive system are as follows:
- Mouth: It is the beginning of the digestive tract. The upper jaw is fixed. But the lower jaw is flexible.
- Buccal cavity: The mouth opens into the cavity known as the buccal cavity. It is large, wide, and shallow.
The mucous glands secrete mucus that helps in lubricating the food
It includes Teeth: The function of teeth is to easily hold the prey and stop it from slipping out. Teeth are homodont and acrodont.
- Tongue: In frogs, the tongue is large, muscular, sticky, and protrusible.
 It lies on the ground of the mouth cavity. The anterior end of the tongue is attached to the inner border of the lower jawbone. The posterior end is free and bifid.
- Esophagus: Brings food from the mouth right down to the stomach. The esophagus has no main function but to move food.
- Stomach: The stomach is after the esophagus, and is where food is broken down into smaller particles. It's where food is stored and is mixed with enzymes to start digestion.
- Pancreas: Pancreas is a gland that secretes digestive enzymes into the duodenum.
- Small Intestine: The small intestine is the important organ of digestion, as here
most of the digestion takes place. Even in the small intestine, the nutrients are absorbed.
- Large Intestine: The posteriors organ of the digestive system which stores undigested food is the large intestine.
- Liver: The liver secretes bile, which is a fluid that aids digestion.
- Cloaca: The cloaca performs the function of an anus. It is where digested food and waste is excreted out from the body

Note: There are many exceptions in the digestive system of the frog. Some of them are-
Frog lacks salivary glands. Teeth are only present in the upper jaw and teeth are not meant for chewing, are used just for trapping the insect.