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Explain the importance of good communication with others.

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: Humans are social animals and they need to express themselves to share thoughts and needs. Communication allows for the exchange of ideas and thoughts. Both verbal and non-verbal communication is essential for both personal and professional life.

Complete answer: Communication is a vital skill of human beings which plays an important role in day-to-day errands. Even animals except humans communicate in their own language for social decisions and their needs. Good communication skill means having a proper way of conducting your speech and at the same time having a good ability to listen to others. Speaking skills and listening skills are the two main components of good communication skills. Communication provides a way to share your problems, thoughts, ideas, and messages. Lack of communication may lead to unfavorable conditions and misunderstandings. Communicating your thoughts with a trustable person provides you moral support. Various aspects of life are understood by having communication that presents facts and knowledge. Communication between a student and teacher is an important example to understand the need for communication.
Good communication skills are key to confidence and acceptance. One can overcome stressful situations by having good communication with a close one. The verbal skills are confined to speaking whereas the non-verbal skills include body gestures, facial expressions, etc. having good oratory skills is not enough for good communication. One should be a good listener too for having good and healthy communication. The non-verbal part of communication makes a major contribution to the impression you make in front of others.

Note: Patience is the key to good communication. One should speak politely and listen patiently for healthy communication to take place. Good communication allows one to make friends and long-lasting relationships. A person can put forward his/her points without hurting the listener’s sentiments if he/she has good communication skills.