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Explain the causes for groundwater depletion.

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint:When water falls from sky to the surface of the Earth it is absorbed into the surface and then it is collected as groundwater below the soil surface. Groundwater pollution occurs when man-made products like road salts, oil, gas and chemicals get into the groundwater and result in it to become unhygienic and unhealthy for human utilization. Global warming and change in the climate also affect the surface water and groundwater.

Complete answer:
To answer this question, we have to know about the groundwater depletion. Groundwater depletion is a serious threat to the environment. Most of our bodies and the Earth are made up of water. The flowing surface waters that make the oceans, rivers and lakes, but this water is unsafe for consumption and is very difficult to filter than groundwater. Eventually, water from the ground is more valuable.
Some causes of groundwater depletion are given below-
Groundwater depletion most commonly occurs because of the frequent pumping of water from the ground. The world with a growing population that continues to increase, the more we collect water from the ground at a continuous range, the more tough it is for the groundwater to give us the amount of water that we need.

We constantly collect by pumping groundwater from underground soil and it does not have sufficient time to refill itself. Water flows freely via the soaked rocks called as aquifers. There is small and large soaked rock, and they are the underground water reversers that absorb water and store it, allowing us to collect it for utilization.

Note:Groundwater is something that all humans around the world. All living beings require water in order to live as our body cannot work without it. We also require water to help us in developing crops, increase the power of equipment, and to keep us wealthy. We need an excessive amount of clean water than we are getting from surface water and precipitation that is the reason why groundwater is utilized so rapidly.