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Exotic breeds
A. Require specific environment
B. Hardy
C. Sturdy
D. Takes less food

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Hint: Exotic breeds are those breeds that are imported from foreign countries. These are reared in India because their yield is very high.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, we need to know more about animal husbandry and the exotic breeds.
Animal husbandry is the care, management and breeding of the cattle for various purposes. There are many different breeds of cattle that are reared in India. They are either indigenous breeds or exotic breeds. Indigenous breeds are those breeds that are found in India.
Exotic breeds are those breeds that are not native of India. These breeds are imported from the foreign countries and then reared here in India. They are high yielding breeds. For example: Jersey, Holstein Friesian and Swiss are a few examples of exotic breeds of cow.
These breeds require specific conditions to survive in countries other than their own country. Their food quantity and quality is regularly monitored. Special hygienic conditions are maintained for these breeds.
Now, since we are well aware of these exotic breeds therefore, the correct answer to this question is that the exotic breeds require a specific environment.

Breed Country to which they belong
Holstein FriesianHolland
Brown SwissSwitzerland

Exotic breeds are highly tolerant and immune to diseases. In India these varieties are mostly used for cross-breeding so hybrid off-springs are produced which have qualities of both the exotic varieties as well as the indigenous variety.