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Epiphysis and diaphysis of bone is
A. End and shaft of long bone respectively
B. Shaft and end of long bone respectively
C. Head and neck of long bone
D. Spongy bone only

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The long bones are longer than being wider. Long bone consists of two ends and one shaft. The epiphysis is the round structure at the end of a long bone separated by diaphysis.

Step by step answer:Human body comprises five types of bones: long, short, flat, irregular, and sesamoid. Long bones are the ones that are longer than they are wider. For example, the femur and tibia are the bones that undergo a lot of activities in a day. The epiphysis is the rounded structure present at the end of long bones which is separated by a long shaft called a diaphysis. Articular cartilage is present between the joints covering the epiphysis. Epiphysis consists of the red bone marrow which produces erythrocytes (RBC). The ends of long bones are separated by a long shaft called the diaphysis. The diaphysis is composed of cortical bone and consists of bone marrow and adipose tissue. Primary ossification occurs in the diaphysis. Ossification also called osteogenesis is the process of formation of new bone. Metaphysis lies between epiphysis and diaphysis. The growth plate that is the epiphyseal plate is present at the metaphysis. It forms the neck region of long bones.
So, the structure of long bones, and it is seen that epiphysis are the ends and diaphysis are the shaft of long bones.
Hence option A is the right answer.

Note: Except femur and tibia there are many other long bones present in the human body. It includes femora, tibiae present in legs. Humeri, radii, ulnae located in arms. In the hands and feet, it is metacarpals and metatarsals respectively. Nearly half of the human adult height is comprised of the long bones of legs.