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Why is Eichhornia crassipes nicknamed as “Terror of Bengal”?

Last updated date: 24th Jun 2024
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Hint: The plant Eichhornia crassipes is nicknamed as “Terror of Bengal” because it grows at an alarming rate and spreads on the surface of the water body. It cuts out the light and it also causes an increase in the oxygen demand, which hampers aquatic life.

Complete Answer:
- It is also called “Blue devil” then it takes oxygen from the water which causes death of fishes. Water hyacinth is an exotic aquatic shrub species. And it was imported to India during British rule by the European for its beautiful look, due to its beautiful flowers and shape of leaves. But as an alien species it became a grave threat to native aquatic species.
- It spread with an alarming rate throughout the water body. It also reduced the availability of dissolved oxygen in the water body and required it to support aquatic lives.
- So, there was also a reduction in fish population in the water hyacinth grown water body. And it was first introduced in west Bengal and its effect was seen there and it is called terror of Bengal.
- It is mainly found in the parts of Bengal. Due to hot and humid climatic conditions the water hyacinth can survive well and it destroys the neighbouring plankton and animals in water.
- It has beautiful flowers but it has clogged wetlands, rivers, flood plains and lakes resulting in the death of many aquatic species of India. It increases biochemical oxygen demand of the water body. This plant was introduced by European.

Note: Eichhornia is an outlandish bush, which firmly condenses with the local species and likewise killed a large number of them. It is a water-based plant that thrives in the hot and damp atmosphere of Bengal. Fish is an enhancement food in Bengal.