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Edible part of cabbage is
A. Flower
B. Inflorescence
C. Stem
D. Bud

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Hint: Cabbage is leafy vegetable found in various colours like green, purple or white. It is mostly grown in the winter season or late during the spring season. It bears a crown of heavy leaves and it has a soft leaf like centre that is consumed.

Complete answer:
Cabbage in a biennial plant that is grown as an annual crop due to its dense leafy head. It is a member of the genus Brassica and mustard family Brassicaceae. The seedlings of cabbage have heart shaped cotyledons and thin taproots. Primary leaves are oval of egg shaped having a lobed petiole. Mature cabbages have thick, alternately arranged leaves and margins ranging from lobed, wavy or highly dissected ones. Leaves are found in different shapes, colours, textures and arrangements. Inflorescence is unbranched and indeterminate terminal raceme having yellow or white coloured flowers. Each flower consists of four petals arranged in perpendicular direction, four sepals, six stamens and a two celled superior ovary that contains the stigma and style. Among the six stamens two are short. The fruit produced is silique and opens up at maturity by dehiscence revealing a round and small seed of black or brown colour. They are mostly cross-pollinated by insects as they cannot be self-pollinated. They are selectively bred for their morphological features, head weight, frost handiness, fast growth and potential to be stored. Mostly they are selectively bred for their appearance, colour, shape, size, texture and weight. These days the objectives of breeding revolve around the protection of crops against several pests, insects, diseases and weeds and also focussing on practices that improve the nutrient quality of the crop.
Among all the parts of cabbage its vegetative bud is the edible part. Vegetative buds are the parts from where the leaves of stem arise and large terminal buds are present in the cabbage.
-Flower is the edible part in Broccoli, Cauliflower.
-Inflorescence is the edible part in Fig, Brussels.
-Stem is the edible part in Sugarcane, Taro.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note: Cabbage consists of many leaves and they all are edible but are not eaten because of their intense flavour which is disagreeable and too strong for the taste of some people. Along with that the leaves are rich in fructans which is a carb that produces irritable bowels syndrome (IBS) that makes it difficult for digestion.