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Dynamite is:
A. mixture of glyceryl nitrate and dinitrate adsorbed on kieselguhr.
B. mixture of glyceryl dinitrate and trinitrate adsorbed on Kieselguhr.
C. mixture of glyceryl nitrate and trinitrate adsorbed.

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Hint: Dynamite is an explosive where a diatomaceous earth formed of single cell plankton known as diatom is used as absorbent where the explosive liquid is added which reduces its explosive volatility.

Complete step by step answer:
Dynamite is an explosive used for the mining process and demolition. It was invented by Alfred Bernhard Nobel in 1866. Dynamite is also described as the packaging of nitroglycerin which is a highly poisonous explosive and other volatile compound like ammonium nitrate.
Alfred Nobel, with his father and younger brother, started experimenting by using nitroglycerin in a place near Stockholm in 1862. A Italian chemist Ascario Sobrero in 1846 discovered that nitroglycerin was a highly unstable compound which is difficult to handle. In 1866, Alfred discovered that the mixture of glyceryl dinitrate and trinitrate adsorbed ion kieselguhr (diatomaceous earth) reduces the volatility nature of the explosive. The diatomaceous earth is obtained from the fossil remains of diatoms.
Several toxic by-products are formed such as acids, oils contaminated with heavy metal and caustics. These by-products should be disposed properly after neutralizing it properly in hazardous waste landfill.
Thus, dynamite is a mixture of glyceryl dinitrate and trinitrate adsorbed on Kieselguhr.

So, the correct answer is Option B.

Note: Dynamite can also be prepared with the help of other chemicals other than nitroglycerin. Large portion of nitroglycerin is replaced by ammonium nitrate which increases the explosive strength of the dynamite.