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During the financial emergency, the president can:
(A) ask the states to reduce the salaries and allowances of all or any class of persons serving in the connection with the affairs of the state.
(B) ask the states to reserve money bills passed by the state legislature for his consideration.
(C) Issue direction to the states on financial matters.
(D) Issue direction for the reduction of salaries and allowances of persons serving in connection with the affairs of the union.

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Hint: The financial emergency is mentioned in article 360 of the Indian constitution. This kind of emergency is never imposed in the country and during this, the president can take all the major steps required to save the country financially.

Complete answer-
In the Indian constitution, there are a total of three types of emergency namely, National emergency, state emergency, and Financial emergency. A national emergency is mentioned in article 352 of the Indian constitution, State emergency is mentioned in article 356. It is also called the presidential form of emergency, and the last one is Financial emergency that is mentioned in article 360 of the Indian constitution. The salaries and allowances of the government employees can be reduced during this emergency. It can be done on both Union and state levels. The money bills can be introduced in Lok Sabha only and not in Rajya Sabha. The president can discuss the financial problems of the states with the Governor and Chief Ministers who can issue ordinances related to it. All the major and important steps can be taken by the president until financial stability is achieved.

So, the correct answer is option D.

Additional Information- The president is mentioned in article 52 of the Indian constitution. The president is the first citizen of the country. He is responsible for the various appointments of the employees of the government of India such as Attorney General, Solicitor General, etc.

Note – The national emergency has been imposed in the country three times namely the Indo-China war of 1962, the Indo-Pak war of 1971, and Internal disturbance of 1975. The internal disturbance was declared by Indira Gandhi.