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Dry ice is obtained when a gas is compressed at high pressure. Name the gas and state what happens to it when the pressure is released.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Dry ice is formed of a gas which is naturally found in the earth atmosphere. The gas is exhaled by the human and used by the plants for photosynthesis process. Dry ice is colorless, odour less and 1.5 times denser than air.

Complete step by step answer:
When high pressure is applied, carbon dioxide changes from its gaseous state to an opaque white solid at temperature -109 F. Dry ice is manufactured in two forms, one is in block of dry ice whose weight is 50 Ib and second in small pieces whose size is not confirmed as it varies in different range.
The unique property of dry ice is that it does not melt but on releasing the pressure it sublimates and changes its solid state directly to gaseous state by skipping the liquid state. As the temperature is increased, the solid starts to disappear. This result in the smoking effect and steam can be seen in dry ice as it sublimates. Due to this property of dry ice, it is used in simulation of fog or smoke.

Note: Dry ice is not poisonous in nature but the solid surface is so cold that it is not reasonable to touch dry ice directly, gloves should be used to touch dry ice. When the gas it stable, the dry ice is heavier than air.